Plaid Cymru councillors call for urgent review of Carmarthen’s flood defences

FOLLOWING severe flooding of a number of commercial properties in Carmarthen for the second time in 16 months, a meeting with Welsh Govt and Natural Resources Wales is being called for as a matter of urgency by the three Plaid Cymru county councillors who represent wards on both banks of the River Tywi. They say that climate change, recognised as a factor by central government today, will cause more storms and floods in future. The councillors are asking for a detailed review of the flood defences, with consideration given to how they could be improved.

“Warmer temperatures and changes to the paths followed by storms across the north Atlantic are causing an increase in winter rainfall for the UK,” said Cllr Alun Lenny. “I’m afraid we’ll see more severe flooding in future. That is obviously bad news for businesses on the Quayside and in Pensarn. The County Council is to be commended for grant aiding those who suffered flooding once again, as after Storm Callum. Those I’ve spoken to have responded in a very pragmatic way to this latest flood, but there’s only so much they can take.”

Cllr Elwyn Williams, who represents Pensarn, said that the floodwater actually came through joints in the flood defence wall. “This was very alarming and the NRW needs to do maintenance work urgently. Water also came up through the tarmac. In future, sandbags will be issued to commercial businesses at risk as a matter or course.”

Residents in parts of Johnstown, flooded out 16 months ago, had a narrow escape this time. Although the water level from the Tawelan brook was very high and filled back up through drains within a few feet of some houses, none were flooded. The county council stationed a lorry-mounted pump in Old Llansteffan Road, to keep the water away from houses.

“Following Storm Callum in 2018, an Action Plan was drawn up by the various agencies,” said Cllr Gareth John. “Some of the recommendations, including one to raise part of the bund along the Tawelan flood plain, have yet to be implemented. We’ll be urging the NRW and any other relevant bodies, to do this and other work as soon as possible.”


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