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Pirates Pillage Burry Port as Legends of the Sea take over harbourside

Pirates Pillage Burry Port as Legends of the Sea take over harbourside

AVAST me hearties, T’was a fine day for looting and skullduggery in Burry Port on Saturday (Jul 7).

The Friday night revelry was a good start for any self respecting pirate and many in Burry Port  sampled the grogg and sang along to sea shanties at the pre carnival party, getting in the mood for the big day.

Legends of the Sea was the theme and t’was a fitting title for those brave folks who set to sea to rescue others. The RNLI led the parade fresh from rescuing 23 people from the sea in recent weeks. A close knit community like Pembrey and Burry Port produces some fine men and women who give of their time and risk their lives to save others. What better legends we ask?

So it was that the parade left Dyfatty fields with a motley crew of pirates surrounded by jelly fish, mermaids, and a fair smattering of carnival queens, princesses,  princes and attendants.

Hundreds lined the road along New Street with many hundreds choosing to stay close to the centre of town along Station Road. The pubs were packed and the shops surely sold out of pop and sandwiches as visitors poured into the seaside town to join in the festivities.

True to form Elvis Presley made an appearance and attempted to entertain those waiting in the sweltering July sunshine. Some were more impressed than others with his antics as he rendered those classic Elvis songs into an unforgettable performance or a performance some would rather forget.

It was a day for families and with the roads temporarily closed people mingled and mixed before grabbing their hand held devices to capture the parade as it went by. Not as large as some years but still large enough for a small town. The Royal British Legion Band belted out Colonel Boogie and kept the brisk pace going right up to the main carnival field.

Judges would have found it difficult to choose winers when everyone had made such a big effort. After a brief do-si-do around the field those in costume found out their fate. And the winners were……..

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The main arena played home to the band once more and they were followed by a small section of the cast from the Pirates of the Caribbean. They acted out some sort of scenario whereby they had arrived in Burry Port looking for a crew to take to the seas. They rallied the help of local children who had to go through a couple of tests to determine whether they were pirate material or not. The children were promised a trip on the ship but as pirates do, they renaged on that promise and were not seen after the final curtain fell.

Musical entertainment continued with Leeroy and there was plenty on offer around the field including a fairground, live bands, food and drink stalls and a host of local organisations promoting their cause.

Special guest, actor, Ioan Hefin provided much of the commentary during the day and managed to thank as many people as he could for putting on such a wonderful event, and it was. Another year before the next but the work begins today. Perhaps the most fitting sentiments for those who organised and those who took part in this year’s carnival are best summed up in this old sea shanty…..

Say goodbye my own true lover
As we sing a lovers song
How it breaks my heart to leave you
Now the carnival is gone
High above the dawn is waiting
And my tears are falling rain
For the carnival is over
We may never meet again
Like a drum my heart was beating
And your kiss was sweet as wine
But the joys of love are fleeting
For Pierrot and Columbine
Now the harbor light is calling
This will be our last goodbye
Though the carnival is over
I will love you till I die

See you next year Pembrey and Burry Port.

Photos: Iwan Lewis, Scott Morgan & Elkanah Evans

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