Friday, December 9, 2022
Pirates and Princesses land at Llanelli

Pirates and Princesses land at Llanelli

LLANELLI was awash with pirates and ne’r do wells today Friday (Aug 24) as the bad ship Ymlaen Llanelli sailed into the North Dock.

After offloading the spoils of their escapades along the Devon and Cornwall coast the crew headed for the centre of town to cause mayhem in their ships on wheels armed with bubbles, canons, music and a fair amount of games for children to play.

Rather than a hostile reception afforded to most pirates this mob were welcomed with open arms and a bevy of princesses who had somehow made their way to the town. It was a kaleidoscope of colour and a symphony of sound as the princesses sang their particular favourites from the film Moana, Frozen and The Little mermaid. The pirates (Operatic duo MarkMark productions) opted for more traditional pop tunes including Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkel. They have been known to perform Gilbert and Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore and The Pirates of Penzance. Pirate Pete opted for setting off his bubble machine and ridding the town of pigeons using his ship’s canon.

The Town Crier, Reverend Eldon Morgan was present to get proceedings underway just as the cock crowed at Midday. Many had made the effort to dress up including the staff at Jenkins Cafe. At one point Stepney Square looked like the set of Pirates of the Caribbean and just about every other Disney film incorporating princesses.

George Linsey was on hand to provide a funfair ride and all around was decorated with colourful knitted items very aptly following the theme of Under the Sea.

Ymlaen Llanelli’s Mandy Jenkins said that the day had been a great success and that the work of the Bid was having an impact with more people coming into the town centre. For those visiting from other areas it was a pleasant surprise.

As the sun began to set over the North Dock and the scurvy dogs set sail again Llanelli could draw breath and say it survived the invasion of the princesses and pirates until next time.

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