Sunday, June 4, 2023

Phil’s got one L of a story

We all know U.K. councils have had to reduce spending on the services they provide, due to their budgets being cut by central government.

Welsh councils in particular have been forced to make massive cuts in areas like leisure facilities and parks, which seems crazy to me when we keep being told that Welsh children are some of the most obese in the U.K. due to poor diet and, crucially, a lack of exercise!

I’m no expert in these matters but even I realise that closing swimming pools, squash courts and sports halls won’t help obese kids become fitter kids.

Yes, money needs to saved, but extremely overweight children tend to stay that way as adults. Consequently, they’ll be prone to health issues that’ll have to be dealt with by our already stretched NHS.

So I’m delighted to reveal that The Welsh Assembly Government has come up with what I think is a brilliant, painless way to save money and keep leisure facilities open.

The scheme is so simple you’ll wonder ‘Why Didn’t I Think of That?’

The genius idea is to delete the second ‘L’ in every ‘LL’ word from all council paperwork, official documents, bills, notices, road signs, tourist information etc., in fact from anything that features ‘LL’ in a word.

Assembly Member Joe King said “By removing two letters from the name of our town, we can save £500,000 a year on ink, paper and road signs alone and we can re-distribute these savings into leisure facilities. Local residents won’t be affected because they’ll still pronounce the name of their town as they always have. So it’s a win-win situation!”

You won’t see those two ‘L’s’ disappearing from Llanelli for a while as the scheme doesn’t come into force until April 1st 2019

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