Monday, February 6, 2023
Phil’s ‘Brass Cheek’ Awards

Phil’s ‘Brass Cheek’ Awards

As what’s known in show business circles – and certain London squares – as ‘The Awards Season’ will soon be upon us, I’m creating my own award.

The nominees will be people in positions of power – whether it’s at Westminster or the Police Force, Local Government or Civil Service – who make harsh decisions that affect millions of us, whilst making very sure that they themselves aren’t affected.

I did consider calling the award The Cheeky ‘B’.

Instead, I settled on The Brassy – as in Brass Neck – and I might hand them out several times a year rather than annually.

Although not as glitzy as the Oscar, the Emmy or the Bafta, The Brassy could become just as popular.

Ladies, gentlemen and the gender neutral – my first nominee is…

Sir Robert Devereux.

I immediately hear cries of “Never heard of him!” and “Who is that man?” and “Where did I leave my mobile phone?”.

Sir Robert Devereux was the person at the Department of Works and Pensions who increased the retirement age for men from 65 to 66 in 2020 and to 67 in 2028.

He’s retiring next year . . . at the age of 61!

You might not have heard of him, but if you’re a tax payer, he’s certainly aware of your existence because he’s relying on you to keep paying tax to keep him in (artisan) bread and dripping for the foreseeable future.

His pension pot will be £1.8 million – a figure most of us can only dream about.

Not that we’ll have much time for dreaming as we work into our late 60s to pay taxes that bolster his annual pension of £85,000.

Sir Robert ‘One rule for you. One rule for me’ Devereux is the first recipient of The Brassy.

Although in his case, The Cheeky ‘B’ might be more appropriate.

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