Thursday, March 23, 2023

Phil brushes up on his Russian with some antifreeze on the side

Feeling down in the dumps? You’re not alone.

Unless you’ve just won the Lottery 2018 may still be a big disappointment.

There’s still a loud, unpleasant Trump in the White House.

Kim Jong-Un is still on the verge of exploding in a giant fireball of anger and Emmental cheese (his favourite food).

Vladimir Putin is planning to invade the U.K. according to some however 300,000 Russians are reputed to already live in the U.K.

With Russian businessmen owning British newspapers and football teams hasn’t it already started?

Perhaps we’d better learn the Russian for ‘Welcome’. Dah-broh poh-zhahl-oh-vat

Add to this the persistent wet weather, snow and ice we’ve been subjected too and it’s no wonder so many usually cheerful people are looking down in the mouth.

So, what can we do to offset this mounting mass of misery?

Don’t ask me, I’m practicing my Russian and enjoying some vodka strong enough to stick in the car as antifreeze.



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