Wednesday, February 8, 2023
Pheonix Project preps pupils for fire fighting

Pheonix Project preps pupils for fire fighting

PUPILS from Coedcae School and CPSO’s have joined a growing number of graduates who have attended a week long training programme at Llanelli Fire Station.

The training involves raising an awareness of the fire service through a series of discussions, presentations, drills and tests.

During the passing out parade the pupils were put to the test using the equipment including the high pressure hoses and resuscitation equipment.

Looking on was the Mayor of Llanelli Cllr Jeff Edmunds, Deputy Mayor Louvain Roberts. They were joined by the parents of the pupils who witnessed the finely tuned students running out the hose lines, climbing ladders and entering a smoke filled building before emerging with the life sized models and performing CPR.

The Pheonix Project has been running successfully for a number of years and aims to give pupils first hand experience of the work of the fire and rescue services.

In more recent years the fire and rescue services have come under attack when dealing with emergency situations. They have rolled out the training in young offender units and even within the prison service.

You can watch our film of the morning’s events here:

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