Thursday, June 8, 2023
Pete’s rainbow yields crock of cash for RSPCA

Pete’s rainbow yields crock of cash for RSPCA

IT is not every day you grow a beard and certainly not every day you grow a beard and turn it into a facial rainbow.
That is exactly what Peter Mosey has done.
Not only has Pete gone full colour on the bushy beard but he now plans to shave the kaleidoscopic beauty off in aid of charity.
Rainbow man: Peter Mosey
Speaking to Llanelli Online Pete said: “With everything in the world seeming a little bit depressing right now, I thought I’d brighten up your inbox with a news story that could bring joy to your readers.
“I’m currently raising money for Llys Nini RSPCA by shaving my beard off. I have so far raised over £700 for the charity and I’ll be shaving the beard off on the 28th of February.
“I’ve had my beard for seven years, and it is one of my most defining features. Many people won’t know what I look like without it.
“Because I had such a great response to the big shave-off, I decided that I would dye my beard when I hit £500. The colour chosen for me was a rainbow. I hit that target on Friday the 19th and dyed my beard on Saturday the 20th.
“I’ve chosen Llys Nini as due to the ongoing pandemic, they haven’t been able to raise as much money as they normally would do when they could have their shop open and run events and fundraisers. They are an independently run, self-funding charity based in South Wales committed to providing animal welfare services in the area. The branch is affiliated with the national RSPCA but receives no automatic funding from it, which means they need to raise £800,000 a year to cover their running costs.”
Llanelli will be much  the duller for the disappearance of Pete’s rainbow beard. Perhaps he could weave it into a cup warmer or make a temporary nest for a local robin. Who knows what he will do with it but we wish him well and the RSPCA will surely be grateful for his grooming efforts
The link to the Just Giving page for the event is:

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