People Speak Up graffitti the town

IT is due for demolition but in the meantime a group of people working alongside the People Speak Up organisation have graffitti’d the buildings adjacent to the old Social Security high rise.

Many moons ago the buildings were occupied by watering holes like Brannigans. There was a haberdashery shop and the flats above were always occupied.

Today they have been left to rot surrounded by debris of all sorts and providing hideaways for drug taking.

Walking around the site today it was evident that drugs were being used in a lane to the side of the buildings. Litter was strewn across the area. Discarded clothing, beer cans and packaging of all sorts.

It was particularly sad to see given that the local businesses in the Stepney Arcade make so much effort to keep their shops looking so smart.

We contacted Carmarthenshire County Council to ask what their plans are for the area.


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