Friday, January 27, 2023
Pay rise for Council staff

Pay rise for Council staff

PAY levels for Carmarthenshire Council staff have been agreed for another year, with thousands of lower-paid workers receiving a healthy rise.

Around 4,700 staff will get an increase of between 4% and 6.97% from April 1, with a £9.18 per hour minimum rate.

Introducing the pay policy statement at full council, deputy leader Mair Stephens said of the hike: “That is an incredible achievement and something that we all in this chamber should be very proud of.”

The above-inflation rise is part of a wider 2% pay increase for staff at the authority including long-serving chief executive Mark James, whose salary will rise from  £174,969 to £178,469 before he leaves in June.

Councillor Stephens said the number of senior officers earning more than £100,000 at the authority was down from 11 last year to eight as of now.

They include corporate directors, whose salaries range from £119,149 to £128,196, and the assistant chief executive, whose salary is from £101,045 to £107,075.

Mr James’ successor will earn £145,000 – a figure agreed via the Independent Remuneration Panel Wales.

Any salary exceeding £100,000 must be approved by full council beforehand.

The pay policy listed the median salary for all council employees – excluding school staff – as £20,336.

It also stated that no staff receive bonuses or performance-related pay,although they can earn additional payments if they take on a higher-graded posts or extra duties on a temporary basis.

Staff who take voluntary redundancy or early retirement cannot usually be re-employed in any capacity until at least one year has elapsed.

The policy also covers subjects including dismissal, relocation expenses, and sickness benefits, the latter of which is six months at full pay and six months of half pay after five years of service.

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