Parking Permit changes failed to adjust £2 charge for printed permit

PEOPLE who have paid a £2 charge for parking permits for Pembrey Country Park have taken to social media to complain that they have been charged a £2 fee, which would have usually covered a disc, which is then placed in a vehicle.

Since the introduction of vehicle registration plates using cameras, there was no need for the printed permit. Unfortunately the changes were not made to the online purchasing process and people were still paying the £2 fee only to be told they did not need a printed version.

We contacted Carmarthenshire County Council and a spokesperson said that the changes had only affected a small number of people and they will be issued refunds or they can have a printed version sent if they wish.

The council said that the system has now been updated.

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Comments on the Pembrey Country Park Appreciation page varied. Some said they had no difficulty renewing online and had not been charged.

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