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Parents make emotional plea for info on missing teenager Naomi Rees

Parents make emotional plea for info on missing teenager Naomi Rees

THE parents of Naomi Rees have made an emotional plea for information and a plea for their daughter to return home.

Peter and Grace Rees were speaking from the family home in Rhydyfelin, Pontypridd on Wednesday (29 August, 2018), two weeks after Naomi went missing.

In the recording, they reassured their daughter Naomi that she is in no trouble and that they just want her home and to know she is safe.

They also encouraged Tomas Baker to relieve the family’s suffering and help Naomi get home safely.

Naomi Rees Appeal from Llanelli Online on Vimeo.

Naomi went missing from her family home on Wednesday, 15 August, 2018.

CCTV footage here has been released which shows Naomi boarding a bus to Pontypridd town centre and walking through Ynysangharad Park. It is now believed that she then boarded a train at Pontypridd station.

Officers believe that she is with Tomas Baker, a 20 year-old man who is from Tamworth.

A UK-wide search is underway to find them both and return Naomi home to Pontypridd.

Naomi’s parents, who say they feel torn to bits, describe their daughter as being loving, caring and kind, with an infectiously bubbly personality.

Her mother Grace, said: “This is not Naomi. She is a very caring girl. She loves people and is very trusting… Right now, all we talk about, all we breathe is Naomi. Naomi, like her two sisters, is our world. We love her so much… it is so hard. We want her home.”

In a direct plea to Naomi, she added: “Naomi, please come home. It does not matter what has gone on. We love you so much. Just come to us - come back home. We are here, we are waiting and we will never give up on you – our arms are always open. Wherever you are now, you know how much you mean to us so please find a way to get back to us… Mum loves you. Dad loves you. Your sisters are in bits. We cannot carry on like this. Your nanny, your friends, everybody is just rallying around wanting to know how you are. We want to be able to tell them you are okay.”

In a direct message to Tomas Baker, Naomi’s dad, Peter, said: “I hope he can do the right thing. If he a decent guy he would realise how much this family is hurting and he would ensure she gets home to us.”

The police investigation to locate them involves a number of police forces.

Detective Inspector Arabella Rees, said: “Naomi is a teenage girl who hasn’t been seen for two weeks. No contact has been made so of course we are worried for her safety. We are working with policing colleagues across the UK and we are following up information we have had from a very supportive public.

She added: “Our investigation is focussed on South Wales and also areas which run along the Wales border into the Midlands. Other police forces are assisting us and we are asking members of the public to help us. Naomi is a child - she needs to be with her parents. My appeal to her is to let us know you are safe.”

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