27th June 2022

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Outrage as ‘debtors’ are allegedly outed by Pembrey and Burry Port Town Council

Apology and assurances it will not happen again: Pembrey and Burry port Town Council

Residents of Burry Port and Pembrey, many of whom are volunteers for the numerous organisations around the area have stated that they are ‘disgusted’ and ‘outraged’ by the posting of a notice on a notice board in ‘Friendship Square’ in Burry Port which has allegedly ‘outed’ those who allegedly owe the council money.

The image of the notice was posted on the Burry Port Harbour Users noticeboard along with the comment:

“Posted on the notice board @ friendship square, Burry Port or should I say debtors row? Surely this is wrong for LOCAL council publicising what LOCAL clubs/groups owe, if they do still owe of course! Who the hell would decide to publicise this? Financial status looks good, NOT!!!”

Within minutes people began to express their views including  Geoff Rone who wrote: ” Absolutely disgraceful.”

Ava McGill agreed saying “This is absolutely disgraceful. Why would they put something like this up?

Michelle Wilson suggested: ” We should put up a notice about all the things they need to address around town that they keep choosing to ignore.”

Pat Neil questioned the data protection issues. She asked? !Are these the groups that owe them money? In which case that is surely breach of confidence?”

Trish Scott agreed saying: “Surely this is a breach of GDRP and data protection!”

Christian Titch Evans pointed out “From the last meeting which was 3 months ago, not a financial meet since so most of these may have paid while being named & shamed ?”

Cathryn Faye Gravelle claimed she had not been notified of any outstanding debts. She said: ” I run Pembrey & Burry Port Scout Group. We have not received ANY communication from the town council regarding late rent and as we do not meet over the summer it must have been missed. They have my email address and usually email me the invoice.”

County Councillor Amanda Fox added her comments saying: “Cathryn Faye Gravelle I am totally appalled at this . Yourself and other volunteers work hard within your groups in our community!
This is disgraceful. I will forward a complaint immediately!”

Julie Ashby asked: “What the hell are they doing. Why didn’t they ask for payment instead of doing that?? So much for community council.”

We  sent a request for an explanation as to why the notice was posted to Burry Port and Pembrey Town Council. They responded with the following:

“It has always been practice and it is also required by our Standing Orders that a full list of outstanding invoices and payments made by the Council should be fully reported to all members of the Council. This has been normal practice for some time and minutes containing some of the information above have been made public as required by law. More recently it was decided that we should become more transparent and that agendas and minutes of standing committees should be made public and standing committees should be made open to the public as well. This is also enshrined in the Council’s Standing Orders.

“It has always been standard practice for outstanding invoices to be listed on the Finance Committee agenda and unfortunately the office duly made that agenda public. We apologise for sharing too much information publicly and steps have been taken to ensure that this does not happen again.

“We are in the process of writing to everyone concerned with our apology and assurance that this will not happen again.”


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