Wednesday, May 31, 2023
Open letter to council leader Emlyn Dole

Open letter to council leader Emlyn Dole

‘Raise the Rainbow flag’

On behalf of our LGBT+ members we think the council has lost an opportunity to make a public statement of solidarity with LGBT + employees and the public by flying the Rainbow flag for a month. (See attached article South Wales Evening Post Wednesday 21st February 2018).

You have stated that ‘the decision wasn’t about not flying the rainbow flag; it was to adhere to the present policy and protocol around the flying of flags on government buildings’.

This and other public statements indicate that it would be breaking council policy ‘fell outside current policy’ to fly the rainbow flag and yet on the weekend just gone someone made the decision to fly the flag for the weekend. So does this mean the rules can be put aside for a weekend but not a month?

Many people believe if the council or the Constitutional Review Working Group wanted to raise the flag it would happen. There is a danger that the council’s action or lack of action could be interpreted as reluctance to publicly support LGBT+ employees and community.

It seems that pressure forced the council to reverse its decision not to fly the rainbow flag, but rather than admit its mistake the council only raised the flag for the weekend.

Our branch urges the council to not hide behind a committee and policy and come out loud and proud in solidarity with LGBT+ employees and community and raise the flag.

Mark Evans –  Carmarthenshire County Unison


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