Wednesday, May 31, 2023
OMG Jac o the North

OMG Jac o the North

Roger Moore may have left this mortal coil but the writers of thrillers are still here. One such author is none other than Jac o the North, a man I once dined with whilst 30 others belted the sh**e out of each other in the mud. On that occasion there were some serious old heads around the table some of whom have also popped off the planet.

Now Jac looks nothing like his photo on the blog, in fact he looks much more sinister. Here at Llanelli Online we have daily missives from folks whenever something juicy pops into the public domain. The inbox went into meltdown today as Jac posted his revelations regarding alleged links between a number of individuals involved in businesses at Cardiff Bay. Nothing unusual in that eh?

It is not until one reads the full extent of the details and nature of these businesses and linked individuals that one begins to question whether or not our Jac is completely bonkers or a genius. We will leave that to you dear readers. Here is the link to Jac’s blog. Of course we accept no responsibility whatsoever for the content therein nor do we purport to share those views. We are merely sharing what we consider to be a very interesting read indeed.

You can access the piece here BAYWATCH 

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