Monday, March 20, 2023

A number of ‘Sheep Scab’ cases found in Carmarthenshire

CARMARTHENSHIRE County Council’s animal health team has been made aware of several cases of Sheep Scab in the area, and are reminding farmers that sheep who have scab should not be sold through a market.

Anyone who suspects that their sheep may have scab is advised that examination of samples for sheep ectoparasites is being offered free of charge in Wales until March 31.

The scheme, supported by Welsh Government, will aid accurate diagnosis, which is a prerequisite for appropriate treatment and successful control of ovine ectoparasites. 

Improved control of sheep scab is a priority of the Wales Animal Health and Welfare Framework. 

Testing will be undertaken at the Animal and Plant Health’s Veterinary Investigation Centre in Carmarthen.

Samples will be received in the normal way, via a veterinary surgeon and should be posted direct to Carmarthen VIC. They must be accompanied by full clinical history to qualify for free testing. 

Find Carmarthen VIC contact details here:

Samples can be submitted on a general submission form found on the Vet Gateway:

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