Friday, January 27, 2023
No trust in Labour

No trust in Labour

Dear Sir,

I wish to register my letter as follows,

‘I can no longer trust Labour to keep the Tories out’

Having read with interest Jeffrey Davies’ letter last week (although I voted to remain) I accepted the democratic decision especially as here in Llanelli the majority voted to leave. I cannot agree with those who claim that leave voters in Llanelli did not know what they were voting for. It was a decision to remain or to leave the EU.

Today, Jeremy Corbyn, a man who the Tories have quite rightly said is not fit to be PM, has been invited to collaborate with the Tories to push through a Brexit deal which nobody likes. A deal which is neither leave or remain. Mark Drakeford, the Welsh First Minister and friend of Corbyn, was also present to discuss their plans.

I cannot stomach a Tory government. But now, with Labour MPs set to pass a Tory Brexit, I have come to the conclusion that the Labour party, the party of my parents, my grandparents and my great grandparents has (sic) sold me a lie and no longer speaks for moderate people like myself.

Labour working with the Tories is not in the national interest. It is in their own interest to address their internal battles, as we have seen them both split apart. I have objected for some time to another referendum but today I now feel we need a ‘confirmatory vote’ and a general election so that we can register our feelings locally in Llanelli and across Wales.

Yours sincerely,

Susan Jones

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