Monday, March 20, 2023
Why was there no risk assessment on new school?

Why was there no risk assessment on new school?

Dear Editor
I recently heard about a public meeting to relocate Chooselife drop in centre from Copperworks Road. I live in the area and people around here have been fighting for this to happen for many years now. Common sense is needed and safety of children should come first.
After the meeting I was disgusted to hear that no risk assessment was carried out before the work began on the new Lakefield/Copperworks School which is opening soon. This is crazy!
The Councillors at the time were Winston Lemon (Plaid) and Louvaine Roberts (Labour) both of whom have had a lot to say about this. Despite their promises, it is clear they didn’t raise our fears back then. All words and no action. Why on earth didn’t they speak up for us and ask the Council to carry out a risk assessment? It would have saved us all having this discussion now!
Amanda Davies

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