Thursday, October 6, 2022
No extension on hospital consultation

No extension on hospital consultation

THERE will not be an extension on the consultation process, which will determine the future for the hospitals in West Wales.

The announcement was made via an email to County Councillor John Prosser who had requested an extension citing the main reason as not having had enough paper consultation documents available.

The email sent by the CEO of Hywel Dda university Health Board Steve Moore reads:

It was good to meet with you and members of SOSPPAN on Thursday 21 June 2018 and to hear your concerns and suggestions.

In terms of your request to extend the consultation period, we have taken advice throughout the consultation from the experts, The Consultation Institute. They are satisfied that the approach has met good practice standards and that the efforts to provide our population with all the information they need to make an informed choice have been robust and fair and therefore we will not be extending the consultation beyond the 12 weeks planned. It is essential that individuals are given both the document and the questionnaire so that they can understand the proposals and complete the questionnaire in an informed way.

There are many ways that the public, staff and stakeholders have been able to feed in their views and the questionnaire is a key one. We have printed and sent out 22,000 in total and distributed to all health, social care and key public localities as well as providing 14,000 to key stakeholder groups to distribute to their communities across the three counties. SOSPPAN have so far been given nearly5000 paper questionnaires, 2400 leaflets and many boxes of documents. We are sorry if you feel that having small batches of 300 has been inconvenient but it is important not to waste resources and to be fair in releasing them to all localities. By having 5,000 so far that means SOSPPAN has received over a third of the stakeholder questionnaires.

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We have now received our final print run of 2,000 and can offer you a final 800 questionnaires along with 800 main documents as we would please ask that you hand out both together so that people are fully informed before they complete their questionnaire. If you could collect those from Hafan Derwen as that is where the documents will be delivered and we will make sure that Sara Prosser knows to expect you.


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