Sunday, May 28, 2023

‘No Balls’ at Llanedi Community Council’s parks

Residents in Llanedi have taken to social media to question why Llanedi Community Council have erected signs in two separate children’s playgrounds which prohibit ball games.

The signs which appeared in Bronallt Park and Llanedi Park recently prohibit the playing of ball games and skateboarding. Former County Councillor Steve Lloyd-Janes claims that Llanedi park actually has a set of goalposts.

Some residents have questioned what the children are supposed to do at the park. One asked: What can you do then? Sit in the corner on their ipads?” Another comments: “I get why smoking and drugs is not allowed but a no football sign in a park that has a designated area for ball games including a goal is confusing!” Another says: Just been up Bronallt Park. “What are the kids meant to do birdwatch?”

Another resident questions why they have banned smoking in an outdoor area, which includes a public right of way.

Nia Griffith MP commented: “Signs galore but real question is why local county councillor did not insist on money from Bronallt Rd developers for more play equipment in Bronallt Park, particularly for younger children, as condition of granting planning permission ….missed opportunity to respond to residents requests for more play equipment for younger children and money to improve path.”

Lee Waters Am/AC commented: “I really worry about the trend of restricting the ability of kids to play freely. These signs have popped up in parks in Hendy & Llanedi banning ball games. It’s a play area with goals and packed on a Friday after school-all playing football!

“I managed to get the ‘No ballgames’ signs taken down in the new Stradey estate in Llanelli. And Nia Griffith and I will be trying to do the same with these.”

We wrote to Llanedi Community Council to ask if ball games were allowed in the park. If so why had they erected the signs prohibiting ball games? We asked what cost was involved in erecting the signs and if they were aware of the legalities of prohibiting smoking on a public right of way.

We are awaiting a response.



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