Monday, March 27, 2023
Nia Griffith MP switches off lights for Earth Hour

Nia Griffith MP switches off lights for Earth Hour

LLANELLI’S MP Nia Griffith switched off her lights for an hour on Saturday night to mark WWF’s Earth Hour. She is also making a #PromiseForThePlanet by cutting down on disposable plastic waste and using an electric car to get around Llanelli.

Earth Hour is the world’s largest show of support for our planet, as hundreds of millions of people around the world and famous buildings from the Taj Mahal to Buckingham Palace switch off their lights from 8.30-9:30pm on 24th March.

Nia Griffith MP explained: “I always switch off my lights and keep off my phone for Earth Hour. This yearly event is an important reminder that we all need to do what we can to protect our environment, and that the little things can make a big difference if we all act together.

“I recently decided to switch to an electric car, which is a real incentive for me to campaign for more vehicle charging points here in rural Wales. My latest challenge is going back to the good old-fashioned thermos flask or thermos mug to cut down on using single use plastic cups… this is especially relevant to me as I travel to and from London so much.

“I was shocked to read recently that over two million single-use plastic items like disposable coffee cups and plastic cutlery were used in Parliament last year. All over the country, people are relying on throwaway plastics and this is doing so much damage to our wildlife and natural habitats. Using a thermos is a great way to cut down on plastic waste and do my bit for the planet.

“I’ve also been trying to get the tinned versions of food, as metal is recyclable and this has the added benefit of supporting Llanelli’s steel industry. These things may seem insignificant, but if we all do them and try to make them part of our routine, then collectively we make a huge difference.”

Tony Juniper, executive director of campaigns at WWF, said: “Much of the wildlife we love is being seriously threatened by the pressures we put on our planet, including the effects of climate change, pollution, deforestation and generally living beyond the Earth’s means.

“We’re delighted to see MPs from across the UK give their support to Earth Hour and make a pledge to protect the planet. We hope they will inspire many others in their constituencies and communities to make a promise of their own.”

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