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Nia Griffith MP criticises council’s yellow lines blitz on Country Park

Nia Griffith MP criticises council’s yellow lines blitz on Country Park

NIA Griffith MP has spoken out at what she sees as a money making ploy by Carmarthenshire County Council in their recent ‘blitz’ of painting double yellow lines at Pembrey Country Park. Speaking to Llanelli Online this evening, Monday (Oct 1) the MP for Llanelli said:

“I was down Pembrey today with a friend who has been going down there for 50 years as have many other people. This is a golden local opportunity for people to go down to the beach. It is so important these days when we talk about the importance of getting out and staying healthy and getting fresh air. We have a fantastic coastline. People really need to have access to it and it seems like a complete nonsense to try and prevent that. There has never been any problem down there. There has never been any issue with people parking. People act sensibly they don’t park on the narrow bits of the road. They go down to where the car park is and that should continue.

The MP also claimed that the whole drive behind the sudden restrictions at the country park was nothing less than greed on the part of Carmarthenshire County Council. Airing her views on the issue the Llanelli MP said: “I think it is absolute greed and madness to put in some form of pay to park down there because it is a facility that local people can use. I do fear it is very much a commercialisation idea to maximise income. We are council tax payers and as council tax payers we would like to use these facilities. That’s a real debate that we have to have. It think it so very important for local people to use the facilities we have without having to pay great fees.

Speaking about what plans are afoot to challenge the council Nia Griffith said: “What we need now is some common sense on this and a proper discussion. We need to consult local people and we are starting with that on Saturday at 2.30 on Saturday 6th October at Pembrey Church Hall so that we can bring people together so they can air their views and we can work out how we are going to take our message to the council.”

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