Saturday, December 3, 2022
Nia Griffith MP backs War Powers Act

Nia Griffith MP backs War Powers Act

NIA Griffith MP has said that Parliament has to have a say before the UK goes to war and says that she is supporting a War Powers Act.

Speaking about the Prime Minister’s decision to allow the UK to bomb Syria recently the MP said that she believed that what we are seeing are decisions being made at whim rather than on a rules based system.

Speaking to Llanelli Online she said: “It has been a very busy week. Everybody knows about what has happened in Syria. The point that we were making was that we are proposing a ‘War Powers Act’, which would mean that Parliament has to have a say before we go to war.”

The MP went on to talk about the recent ‘grabbing’ of six Turkish nationals from the streets in Kosovo in March.  A video on the Internet shows Kosovo police arresting six Turkish nationals, one doctor and five educators, working at a group of schools affiliated with the faith–based Gülen movement.

The ‘grab’ has sparked an internal row within the Kosovo Government and human rights groups have condemned the action. Turkey have insisted that the ‘grab’ was part of an anti terrorism action.

When asked if she had any concerns about Turkey’s actions Nia Griffith MP said: “I am very concerned that we live in a very uncertain world and it does seem that there is a lot going on that is very much at whim rather than through the established rules based system. It is very important that we get back to that rules based system and that we uphold that and we champion that and we don’t go doing this that and the other because somebody tweeted something or on some whim of some individual. It is very important that we work through the UN and we work in a way we can all understand through a rules based system.”
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Nia Griffith MP on Syria from Llanelli Online on Vimeo.

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