Saturday, June 3, 2023
Nia Griffith MP asks WAG to ‘call in’ planning application for Wellness Centre

Nia Griffith MP asks WAG to ‘call in’ planning application for Wellness Centre

NIA Griffith MP and Carmarthenshire Labour Leader Cllr Rob James are calling on the Welsh Government to call in the planning application for the Wellness and Life-Science Village at Delta Lakes, Llanelli.

This follows recent controversy around the suspension Marc Clement, a Swansea University professor who has been closely involved with the Delta Lakes project. Carmarthenshire County Council subsequently terminated a collaboration agreement with Sterling Health Security Holdings, a key development partner for the project with links to the university.

Nia Griffith MP commented: “With considerable controversy over the Wellness Village development at Delta Lakes in recent weeks, and a number of on-going inquiries, it is clear that the whole project needs urgent review. That’s why I’ve written to the Welsh Government requesting that they call in the planning application. The Delta Lakes development is an exciting project which has the potential to do a lot of good for Llanelli, but we need to make sure it is carried out properly and with careful oversight.

“The suspension of Prof Marc Clement from Swansea University and the termination of an agreement with a key development partner are extremely serious, and mean that we now need clarity about who the development partners will actually be and whether they can deliver the project as it stands or whether there will need to be changes to the current proposals. With the scale of this project and its potential impact over a wide area, I feel that it is appropriate to ask the Welsh Government to consider calling it in.

Vocal in calls for transparency: Cll Rob James

“I pay tribute to the work Cllr Rob James has done to get answers from Carmarthenshire County Council make sure they are accountable to the public. I will continue to work with him, the Council and Welsh Government to ensure the Delta Lakes project is delivered properly and that local taxpayers are protected.”

Cllr Rob James, Leader of the Labour group on Carmarthenshire County Council, added: “The City Deal offers a once in a generation opportunity to lift the region and offer opportunities for local businesses and residents and that is why we need to get it right first time around.

“I am concerned about the ongoing controversy and doubts expressed by the main partner for the project. This should have caused the Authority to reassure the public and Members of the soundness of this project before rushing a planning application through.

“I very much hope that the Minister for Local Government and Housing will consider the call in requests.”

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