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New Plaid Cymru Group Takes Root in Llanelli

New Plaid Cymru Group Takes Root in Llanelli

A new political movement within Plaid Cymru will be making its first move with a meeting at the Hotel Diplomat, Llanelli (Wednesday March 28, 7.30).

The man behind the new movement is Neil McEvoy AM, currently appealing his very recent ejection from Plaid Cymru and he will be joined on the platform by Gwyn Hopkins, the former Secretary of Llanelli Plaid Constituency, who will speak about natural justice and the history of the party in Llanelli.

The intention to form the new group was announced at a fringe meeting during the Plaid Cymru Spring Conference in Llangollen last Saturday (24/03/2018).  Speaking to a room packed with supporters and interested Plaid members, Neil McEvoy said “Our new group is a movement within Plaid Cymru, with the aim of reinvigorating and strengthening our message and our electoral success.

“We are not left, right or bland centre, we are a ‘grass roots up’ Welsh political movement, propagating the aims of Plaid Cymru. We are looking for founder members among existing Plaid members and those interested in joining us in Llanelli. I am delighted to have been invited here to meet people and share thoughts about what I think we can achieve together.”

The group will be open to all, except members of other political parties in Wales and will be named at the end of April at the official launch, followed by further meetings and events around Wales.

Neil McEvoy said that after consulting with other interested Plaid members, the group will have three key principles:

  • Individual Sovereignty: natural justice, due process and free speech must be at the heart of Welsh life. Individual rights will not be sacrificed in the name of groupthink, dogma and those who are easily offended.
  • Community Sovereignty: the rights of communities to influence decisions will be respected. Referenda on issues such as Local Development plans and planning will be respected. It will be up to communities to decide who represents them at every level of government. Decentralisation of decision making to community level will be fully encouraged.
  • National Sovereignty: Wales can stand on its own two feet and we have a duty and responsibility to govern our own country. We will push for a referendum for Welsh national sovereignty, with international recognition as soon as a majority in the Welsh Parliament is achieved.

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