Thursday, June 8, 2023
New lung cancer symptom assessment line (LUMEN) pilot to launch in Carmarthenshire

New lung cancer symptom assessment line (LUMEN) pilot to launch in Carmarthenshire

HYWEL  Dda University Health Board, funded by Moondance Cancer Initiative, are launching a pilot service, the Lung Cancer Symptom Assessment Line (LUMEN), a Nurse-led service aimed at smokers and non-smokers, in the Carmarthenshire area. This service will be operational from 15 August 2022.

The Phoneline service hopes to give the public a new access point for Lung Cancer diagnosis, allowing anyone who meets the criteria to speak to a nurse directly to discuss their symptoms and be booked in to have a chest X-Ray.

Within Wales there are over 2,300 patients are diagnosed with lung cancer each year, however less than 20% of these are diagnosed at early stage when they are eligible for curative treatment, it has been shown that early diagnoses lead to improved survival.

This pilot service will be available to anyone registered with a GP in Carmarthenshire aged 40 or over, smokers and ex-smokers with 1 or more the following symptoms and non-smokers with 2 or more of the following symptoms:

Cough (more than 3 weeks); Losing weight without trying; Shortness of breath; Hoarse voice; Repeated chest infections; Chest pain; More tired than usual; Loss of appetite and a lung condition with changing symptoms.

Anyone, a family member, or friend are over the age of 40 and have any of the above symptoms, call 0300 30366142 – Monday to Friday 9am -2pm or for more information on Moondance Cancer Initiative.

If successful, its hoped that the pilot will be extended to both Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion and have the potential to increase early diagnosis for those with symptoms of lung cancer.

Dr Robin Ghosal, Respiratory Physician & Hospital Director at Prince Philip Hospital said:

“This innovative new service has the potential to revolutionise the lung cancer diagnostic pathway leading to earlier diagnosis and better patient outcomes”


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