New Book On Llanelli

A new book documenting life in Llanelli as seen through the eyes of the author Bryan Lewis, is now available in print. Memories of a Llanelli Boy provides an insight into some of the town’s communities and life on the streets and in the buildings, many of which have long gone. Thriving businesses, pubs, schools and the culture of the time get the Bryan Lewis treatment as he journeys through his on life growing up in the fifties, sixties and seventies. It is littered with great photographs of the town and the people.

If you are a Llanelli Boy or Girl born and bred then this book is for you. If you happen to be  a recent resident of the town then this book is for you too as it will guide you through Llanelli’s recent past and throw some surprises at you. It is an ideal companion to walk around the town and reminisce or just scratch your head in despair asking yourself ‘Where did it all go wrong or right’, depending on your view of  progress.

The book is available at Barrie Lewis, Llanelli Market.

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Did you know that there was a river bridge just where the HSBC bank now sits? Children including my own Mum used to throw their shoes off the bridge and watch them float off down the Lleidi River.

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    1. ‘Memories of a Llanelli Boy” : I just wanted to say thank you to Llanelli Online for your positive comments on my book, “Memories of a Llanelli Boy.” I also wanted to thank the people of Llanelli and beyond for your incredible support in purchasing the book in such large numbers. The feedback has been hugely positive with people saying, “It made me laugh,” “It made me cry” and “The pictures brought back wonderful memories about the town.” The book continues to be available at New Dock Post Office, Ann Street Post Office, Dillwyn Street News, Tyisha Store and Peruse Fashions in Llanelli Market. Wishing you continued success with your website. Bryan Lewis

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