Saturday, April 1, 2023
New adjustments being made for Sandy Road lights

New adjustments being made for Sandy Road lights

Mini roundabout on Denham Avenue and Sandy Road

MORE amends are being made to help alleviate traffic build-up along the A484 at Llanelli.

Carmarthenshire County Council’s highway officers have been looking at a number of ways to improve traffic along Sandy Road and the junction into Maesycoed following the introduction of traffic lights there in September.

The lights were a condition of the planning approval for a new housing estate and retail development in the area.

Several adjustments have already been made to the automatic lights system – which work with intelligent software to monitor traffic conditions and adjust to suit the flow – including extending the green light phase along Sandy Road.

The council is also investigating the extension of the double yellow lines along Maesycoed to prevent cars from parking close to the junction which will improve signalling and allow even more cars through the green phase along Sandy Road.

Further adjustments may also be made to timings during the morning and afternoon peak times.

Stephen Pilliner, head of transportation and highways, said: “We are investigating a number of options to manage the impact of the lights, which were placed as a requirement of planning consent for new developments in the vicinity. The lights are required to accommodate the safe movement of all vehicle and pedestrians at Sandy Road. We hope that these additional measures will improve traffic flow without need for further work.”

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