Tuesday, March 28, 2023
National Library of Wales to archive Llanelli Online

National Library of Wales to archive Llanelli Online

The National Library of Wales has made a request to archive copies of Llanelli Online News. Having agreed to their request The National Library of Wales will now provide public access to copies of  Llanelli Online held within the UK Web Archive. The content is collected at least once a year, building up an archive of UK websites as they change over time.

Under legal deposit legislation, access to the archived content is restricted to the premises of the legal deposit libraries. To highlight the importance of the archive, and to widen access to the archived content, the National Library seek permission from selected website owners to provide public access to their content within the archive.  Where permission is granted, access to the archived websites is made available freely across the web. The public archive can be seen at www.webarchive.org.uk

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