Friday, June 9, 2023

Nanook Of The North


Having grown up in a Welsh speaking household and then been sent to an English speaking school one could rightly assume that something somewhere in Wales was going very wrong. On the one hand we were struggling for identity, national independence and the protection of the language and on the other hand we had chips on our shoulders if we were either or. What a mess eh?

Leaving Wales for the bright lights of London gave me another view of my homeland and its people. Some headed for London Welsh and some headed for Kilburn. On returning with top hat and tails complete with monocle and cigar the welcome was less than welcoming. Where you been boyo? Think yer better than us is it?

How I yearned for Wales, a Welsh voice, my Mam’s cawl. They even brought their own water up with them when they visited. You could always spot the Welsh visitor in London. They were the ones walking everywhere despite being able to buy a ticket to travel by bus or tube.  A trip home to watch the rugger was nice but I was slightly out of place in the three piece and beret and asking for a cappuccino at the rugger club. This was the 80’s mind you.

I was at one point singled out as a Welsh Nationalist purely on my dress code. It was a cross between Barrie Welsh and Gwynfor Evans. I had a passion for my culture, my language. Why I even attended Wlplan courses to try and undo those years of Engerlish wot I had been forced to learn in the hope of a better future.

I eventually went native and treked across Europe in search of my origins. Someone said that we Welsh had all come from the Adriatic or such like but on discovering it was bloody freezing we turned round and went back but left the nutters here to breed. Where is this leading to you may ask. Well, this evening i was enlightened by Nanook of The North. His Blog gives a very potted history of Welsh politics and has given me food for thought. I will leave you with his summary but you should really read it all. It is in Yupik but I have translated it to Welsh here. Enjoy.

Nanook writes: Plaid Cymru since the bright young things took control has been a party promising everything to everybody . . . and delivering nothing, apart from minor concessions allowed by our masters to delude the rank and file that their leaders can deliver, and that the long-heralded ‘breakthrough’ is just around the corner. The ‘breakthrough’ that never comes . . . and was scuppered from within when it threatened to happen.

But perhaps Plaid Cymru’s most useful role has been as a dog in the manger party, because for as long as Plaid is in place, gaining just enough votes, it blocks the emergence of an alternative that could confront and defeat ‘Welsh’ Labour.


Whether you accept my theory or not, you know that your party is going nowhere. Which means that you are probably confused or disappointed by the treatment of Neil McEvoy, your party’s most effective politician.

You know that ‘Welsh’ Labour is there for the taking – so why is Plaid Cymru propping up this stumblebum party?

Or ask yourself why your party is so unattractive that Ukip got more votes in the last general election. And not just in Clwyd, but in Blaenau Gwent, Merthyr Tydfil, Rhymni, Swansea East, etc. Come on! wise up!

My belief remains that Plaid Cymru has been compromised. For appearances’ sake, and to block the emergence of a credible alternative, it is allowed a certain level of support, in return for which it must deal with anyone threatening to upset the status quo.

To make Plaid Cymru the party it should be, the party most of you want it to be, you need to give our people the message of hope they want to hear. But to achieve this you must remove the deadwood at the top of the party.

Plaid Cymru needs a new leadership prepared to put the interests of Wales and the Welsh people first, no matter what other parties, the commentariat, or the ‘progressives’ of Islington, may say.

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