Monday, December 5, 2022
Mystery of the Llanelli mist solved

Mystery of the Llanelli mist solved

IS it an omen before the big game? Have they been testing smoke bombs at Pendine? Is it global warming? Is it smog from those hundreds and hundreds of cars bumper to bumper spewing out the fumes on Sandy Road?

What exactly causes this eerie mist, which is travelling all along the Burry Estuary towards Llanelli?

Llanelli Online decided to find out and we asked our resident or not so resident weather man, climate change expert and champion tomato grower Iwan Lewis.

This is what he came up with:

Firstly, the mist people have seen today and photographed is called ‘Advection fog’. It is also called sea fog, when warm air flows over relatively cold sea surface, but is just as common over land.

Advection fog is often associated with the passage of cold and warm fronts and thus is also known as frontal fog. Sea smoke or river smoke. Mainly caused by evaporation.

We still think it is an omen for the big game. People in red flinging themselves onto the ground at the Millennium Coastal Park chanting SCAR LETS and making offerings of rugby balls to the great God of Phil Bennet who is now shrouded in said mist proves it.

Pob Lwc Llanelli RFC (The Scarlets). Watch out for our roving reporter’s travel dialogue as he makes his way from Llanelli to Dublin, via the Captain’s table on board one of Stena Lines lovely vessels.

Feature Photo: Ray Jones

Play Misty from Llanelli Online on Vimeo.

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