Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Mynyddygarreg mountain blaze latest

Mynyddygarreg mountain blaze latest

THE blaze, which has taken hold on Mynyddygarreg mountain appears to have spread.

The fire began in a central location earlier today and quickly spread North and Eastwards towards Pontantwn in the North and Four Roads to the East.


There was a large police presence on roads leading to the mountain, with police stopping walkers along the footpaths.


Fire crews and police remain on the mountain and fires can be seen dotted around a large area.

Smoke and ash is still thick and heavy in the air and police could be seen going from house to house on Meinciau Road, presumably warning residents to stay indoors and close their windows.

The mountain is home to a large variety of animals including cattle, horses, donkeys and of course natural flora and fauna.

The domestic animals appear to be safe but the devastation to the natural habitat is vast.

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