Wednesday, December 7, 2022
Mumbles inshore lifeboat goes to aid of paddle boarders

Mumbles inshore lifeboat goes to aid of paddle boarders

AT 3.20 pm UK Coastguard at Milford Haven called for the assistance of the volunteer crew of The Mumbles Inshore lifeboat The Mark Lott.

2 paddle boarders were finding the battle against a strong wing and outgoing tide was too much. They were rescued by the lifeboat and taken back to the safety of Caswell Bay.

Lifeboat helm Dai Thomas said ‘We’ve had more and more calls to people getting caught out while paddle boarding this Summer. It’s very easy to under estimate just how difficult it is to battle just a small amount of wind but when combined with the strong tide we get around this coast it can be all but impossible to get back to shore for the most experienced of boarders’.

Detail of sea safety on kayaks and paddle boards is at The essential things to carry are a buoyancy aid and a means of calling for help like a Waterproof phone or better a marine VHF radio.

Pic. RNLI/D Herbert Evans

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