Tuesday, December 6, 2022
MS lends support to Age Cymru’s digital inclusion project

MS lends support to Age Cymru’s digital inclusion project

LLANELLI’S Member of the Senedd Lee Waters is supporting Age Cymru’s bespoke service to improve digital inclusion amongst the elderly.

Digital technology continues to transform our lives, particularly during lockdown as people have had to find new ways of working, communicating and accessing services.

Lockdown has also widened the so called digital divide between those who can comfortably use this new tech and those who can’t access it or use it to its full potential.

To help overcome these barriers, Age Cymru are providing tailored support that will help people to have a more positive experience with technology.

An initial appointment via telephone will help their trained volunteers find out what your individual needs are, and they will allocate a dedicated person to work with you on your goals. This support can be provided via telephone or via a digital app.

Lee Waters said: “It’s been an isolating year for most of us, but for those who struggle with technology, the experience has been really lonely. The pandemic has put a rocket underneath what was already a fast moving shift online, and I know just how disorientating that can be for people who don’t know where to start with tablets or apps.”

“I’m really pleased that Age Cymru have made digital inclusion a key focus of their work during this lockdown. They’ve already helped a lot of constituents in Llanelli get to grips with using Zoom (webcam conversations), send emails on their phone, and to be wary of scam text messages. I’d urge anyone who feels daunted by technology to get in touch with them.”

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