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MP’s Concerns For Bynea Homes

MP’s Concerns For Bynea Homes

Nia Griffith MP

Nia Griffith MP and Cllr Deryk Cundy are organising a public meeting in response to concerns amongst local residents about proposals to build 240 houses on the Genwen Farm site, between Penderri Road and Nantwen in Bynea. The meeting will take place at 10 am on Saturday 18thMarch in Saron Hall, Bynea.

 Explaining residents’ concerns about planning application number S/33342, Nia Griffith said:

“ It is extraordinary that having cited traffic dangers and pressure on sewerage series as reasons to turn down an application for 41 houses in Station Road, Bynea, that planners should even consider this application for 240 houses which will generate far more traffic, sewerage and surface water run-off . Residents will tell you that there have been many accidents and can show you the walls that have been knocked down. The Planning Committee also need to look at the knock on effect of this development on existing properties in Bynea. Householders here have already repeatedly suffered the horror of surface water and sewerage flooding.  If they build a huge 240 house estate on the Genwen fields, it will massively increase surface water run-off from the roofs, roads and driveways which will race down the steep slopes to the properties below.  The sewerage system is already overloaded and this will make matters considerably worse. I sincerely hope that the Planning Committee will see sense and will throw this application out when it comes before the planning committee.”

 Cllr Deryk Cundy added

“After a huge amount of lobbying by the people of Bynea we managed to reduce sewage flooding in the Square and  down by the Red Cow and in Berwick Road by getting Welsh Water to install a new sewer and upgrade the pumping station at a cost of millions of pounds. This upgrade did not allow for further local developments such as Genwen which will put such a strain on the system that the sewage is to be stored on site and trickle fed into the sewers later. I see this as a health and safety risk and have expressed my concerns to Welsh Water asking for safety guarantees.

 My other concern is the huge increase in traffic which has been estimated at 540,000 extra journeys through Bynea either via Penygraig, Station Road or the Bryn. It is particularly worrying that 600 extra journeys a day at least will be going through the Penygraig Estate which is a play area for children and I fear for their safety and have campaigned continuously against this and a number of other concerns. “

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