Saturday, January 28, 2023
MP expresses concerns over factory closure in Llanelli

MP expresses concerns over factory closure in Llanelli

A company that makes airline cabin interiors has announced that it’s factory based in Llanelli will close in May. AIM Altitude based in Dafen employs 99 people and has been severely impacted by the Covid pandemic. In a statement released today, Nia Griffirh MP said,

“My thoughts are with the workers and their families, who will be devastated that it has come to this, in spite of the fact that in meetings with management, the workforce representatives and Unite the Union rep made forceful arguments for keeping the factory open.

“It seemed to us that it was all a foregone conclusion. For a year now, we have been asking the UK Government for a specific Aviation Sector Covid Package, because everyone can see that the sector has been very badly hit, and that any recovery depends on decisions by numerous governments and operators, and such a deal could have could have made all the difference. Without such a deal, I fear many other jobs in the aerospace and aviation industries will also be at risk”.

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