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MP, AM & Cllrs seek public views on Sandy Road traffic

MP, AM & Cllrs seek public views on Sandy Road traffic

Traffic Problems: Sandy Road

A public consultation into the traffic problems on Sandy Road has been launched by Nia Griffith MP, Lee Waters AM and local County Councillor Penny Edwards. They are gathering evidence to present to Carmarthenshire County Council via a drop-in meeting in the Selwyn Samuel Centre on Saturday 10th February (10am-2pm) and a survey, which can be completed online.

Residents and commuters alike have experienced real frustration and inconvenience since traffic lights were installed at Maesycoed last year.  Council officers say that they are looking for ways to improve the traffic situation on Sandy Road, so this consultation has been launched to make sure that the views of those affected are fully taken into account in the Council’s decision-making process.

The aim of the survey and drop-in meeting, which will be attended by Nia, Lee, Penny and Chair of the Environmental & Public Protection Scrutiny Committee Cllr John James, is to understand local residents’ and commuters’ feelings about the severity of the Sandy Road traffic problem and potential solutions. They are encouraging anyone affected to share their views at the meeting and complete the survey online:

Alternatively, a hard copy of the consultation document can be picked up from Nia and Lee’s offices at 43 Pottery Street, SA15 1SU, or completed at the meeting. Those interested in completing the survey can also request a copy to be sent by email or post by emailing

Nia Griffith MP said: “I am very concerned about the continuing tailbacks on Sandy Road, which are completely unacceptable and causing real inconvenience and frustration for residents and commuters. Time is dragging on and the problems show no sign of easing up. It is obvious that simply adjusting the calibration of the lights at Maesycoed is nothing like enough to prevent the tailbacks.

More radical solutions are needed and the council needs to take action to resolve this issue quickly. There are a number of options that could be tried to alleviate the Sandy Road traffic, from relatively quick and cheap fixes like banning right turns into and out of Maesycoed to the construction of a bypass that I know Ray Jones has been campaigning tirelessly for. What is needed is for the public to be properly consulted on these and other options, so council decision makers can understand the impact of potential solutions and take action supported by those who use and live on Sandy Road.

I would encourage all residents and commuters affected by the Sandy Road traffic to complete the short survey that I have launched today with Lee Waters AM and Cllr Penny Edwards and attend our drop-in meeting in February. It will provide us and the council officers with vital information about the practicality and popularity of potential solutions, which we hope will lead to solutions that have the full backing of the community.”

Lee Waters AM said: “I feel desperately sorry for the people who live on Sandy Road. They are fed up about the build-up of traffic. It was inevitable in allowing a large housing estate to be built without any new public transport provision that the congestion along Sandy Road would worsen, which is why we opposed it. Now the council are having to look at sticking plaster solutions to a problem of their own making and what they’re suggesting is unlikely to make enough of a difference itself.

This consultation will start a much-needed conversation about the viability of all options. The survey only takes a few minutes to complete, so I would urge anyone negatively affected by the appalling congestion and air quality on Sandy Road to send us their views and help make the case for strong action.”

Cllr Penny Edwards said: “I’ve been in contact with council officers from the word go, and I know they are working very hard to find solutions to the awful situation on Sandy Road.

There are no easy answers, but this consultation is a good opportunity to gather evidence and ensure that the Council are fully aware of public feeling on this issue and the benefits and implications of any proposed measures.”

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