MP and AM weigh in on ‘disagreement and acrimony’ at Burry Port and Pembrey Town Council.

Calling for an end to hostilities: Nia Griffith MP and Lee Waters AM

Nia Griffith MP and Lee Waters AM have thrown their contributions into the bubbling pot of toil and trouble, which appears to have been on the boil at the Burry Port and Pembrey Town Council for some time if all sides of the political divide in this pretty estuary town are to be believed.

Llanelli Online has reported on a number of disagreements between councillors and the rumblings of discontent from local residents following upsets at council meetings. It came to something when the council couldn’t even seem to agree on the content of our reports, which as always take an impartial stance.

The tit for tat between the various factions at the council have spilled out onto social media. Much of the ‘dirty laundry’ has been well and truly washed in public and now the MP and AM have added their fivepence worth of detergent in an attempt to bring about some good clean harmony.

In a joint staement issued earlier this week the duo wrote: “We are becoming increasingly concerned by the disagreements and acrimony within Burry Port & Pembrey Town Council. It is essential that, as public servants, town councillors treat each other with respect and we are disturbed by reports of councillors being left in tears after meetings. It is clear that there are sharp disagreements and we would encourage all sides to engage in mediation with an independent third party that can command the confidence of all.”

We contacted Burry port and Pembrey Town Council and asked for their response regarding the public intevention of the two leading politivians in Llanelli.

The Town Council responded:

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“The Town Council has, over the last few months, gone through a period of robust debate, strong disagreement and clear polarisation of positions. This is not unusual, especially in a period following an election and I understand that a few other community councils are experiencing some difficulties. In Pembrey and Burry Port the situation has not been helped and at times been fuelled by a small number of people who have continually made some strongly distasteful personal attacks on individual Councillors.

“I am however pleased to say that, at my suggestion as Acting Proper Officer of the Council, action has been agreed by members which will hopefully resolve and improve the current situation. Further the Council meeting held this week was positive and productive and without acrimony.”

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