Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Morrisons offer opportunity to girl, 5, fined £150 for selling lemonade

You couldn’t make it up and it is taking social media by storm. A council have allegedly fined a 5-year-old girl £150 for running a lemonade stand and selling the drinks to festival goers in London. The girl is said to have burst into tears when Tower Hamlets Council issued the fine for selling the 50p drinks to festival goers. Supermarket giants Morrisons immediately took to social media to offer the child an opportunity of selling lemonade at their store and it has won them a lot of kudos in the process.

It appears the council have form for heavy handedness in dealing with people who want to offer a service, e.g. a cycle shop who offered a free tyre pump for passing cyclists. They issued a penalty notice to Isambard’s Cycles who in turn  tweeted that it will no longer offer the pump to passing bikers.

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