Friday, December 9, 2022
More woes for Sandy Road residents

More woes for Sandy Road residents

THE B4304 Traeth Ffordd in Llanelli will be closed from its junction with Sandy Roundabout for a total distance of 845 metres from Monday (Sep 17).

The road will be closed for 5 days, between 7pm and 6am (overnight).

Traffic in the area is already gridlocked during commuting hours and residents have expressed their concerns at the ongoing and lengthy road works in the area.

Sandy Road resident: Ray Jones

Sandy Road resident and long time campaigner for a bypass Ray Jones said: “I don’t know where all of the cars are going to park when they are doing the road. They can’t park in the back lane. I still maintain that we need a bypass to take the traffic off Sandy Road. I don’t buy into any argument that planting trees and encouraging people to cycling to work or school will make as much of a difference.”

“People talk about the new Wellness Centre which will cost millions of pounds and being of great benefit for the health of the people of Llanelli.

“What about us here at Sandy Road, breathing in all the fumes day in day out?

“A similar argument against the Newport bypass is also flawed. The argument is that a bypass would only allow for even more cars to take to the roads.

“Does anyone imagine that all of those car owners and even a large percentage as suddenly going to get on buses and bicycles.”

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