Sunday, April 2, 2023
Minister rejects DWP solution

Minister rejects DWP solution

Nia Griffith MP has expressed her disappointment over a letter she has received from the Minister for Work and Pensions, which she claims is a total rejection of any possible alternative to keeping the building open and staff based in Llanelli. Speaking exclusively to Llanelli Online today, Friday (Apr 28) she said:

It looks like a total rejection of what really should be the most sensible option for the workers and the people of Llanelli. We  spent the whole meeting  explaining why we want to keep the offices in Llanelli and repeated the  offer of cheaper and even free offices but they did not want to know.

The MP was also damning in her criticism of the consultation process saying:

Following my meeting with him on Monday it confirms all our worst fears that the whole consultation is a farce as he had already decided to close the office….. and even the offer of cheaper or rent free premises will not change his view. It is absolutely clear that if the Tories get re-elected, they will close Llanelli and downsize the whole service. It  seems that all arguments fell on deaf ears.

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