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Meet next generation swimmers Jack and Libbie

Meet next generation swimmers Jack and Libbie

THE city of Swansea Aquatics have recently been storming to success at local and national level in all competitions.

Speaking about the success, Assistant Head Coach Sam Jones said: “The club has made significant progress in the last 6 months.

“We wanted to catch up with two swimmers of the next generation coming through. Meet 9-year-old Libbie Geach and 10-year-old Jack Anold in the swimmers corner”.


Age: L: 9

J: 10

How many years have you been with the club? L: 3 years and 4months

J: Nearly 10 months

Why did you decide to join the City of Swansea Aquatics? L: I loved swimming and knew I would train more than once a week. Was a bonus when I found out I could enter meets.

J: I really enjoy swimming and Swansea is a very good swim club

What squad are you currently in? L &J: Performance Bronze
What’s best about being in your squad? L: Being with my friends and having fun as well as working on technique and speed.

J: Getting to swim with all my friends

What’s your favourite stroke at the moment and why? L:My favourite stroke at the minute is butterfly and freestyle because butterfly is different, challenging and really fun to swim. With freestyle I like it because when I swim I just feel like I am gliding through the water and it is so technical and love it!

J: Freestyle because this is my best stroke

What are you currently working on with your coach to improve your swimming? L: Mostly breaststroke because I can’t really get the kick right. And a little bit of fly to get my chest down and have the motion of it.

J: Working on fitness, skills in all strokes and under-waters

What is your ambition/goal in swimming? L:My ambition is to get to the Olympics and compete there. That would be so fun and I think it could be possible

J: To swim in the Olympics

What’s the best result (to date) you have achieved? L:When we have our skills sheets we can move up the skills and each time I have moved up it improves on my speed and has a good result on my meets.

J: Winning the 50m Freestyle in the Neath long course open in a personal best time

Who is your role model? L: Phoebe and Rebecca (my two older sisters)

J: Michael Phelps

FUN- What’s your favourite food? L:Pork and rice

J: Grilled cheese sandwich

FUN – Favourite superhero and Why? L: Wonder woman. Because she is really strong and talented and shows me that girls and women can do anything if they put their minds to it

J: Spiderman because he can shoot webs and swing from buildings

FUN – Do you play any other sports? L:No not really but I am interested in trying Synchro

J: Football for Mumbles Rangers

FUN – Talking milkshakes: strawberry or chocolate? L:Obviously strawberry

J: Chocolate

To finish off: When is your next swimming competition? L: Sunday 7th April [Swansea Dev Meet]

J: West Wales [February]


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