Sunday, June 4, 2023
Mayor welcomes carers at vicarage

Mayor welcomes carers at vicarage

Llanelli Town Mayor Councillor Jeff Edmunds has wasted no time in opening the doors to the Town Council HQ and welcoming in community organisations. On Thursday (Jun 22) the mayor invited members of the disability access group, disabled drivers group and carers group to mingle and share information over a light buffet.

There were two recipients of the MBE amongst the group including Liz Evans MBE and Frank Allen MBE. Frank told us that the disability access movement started when people could not access upper floors in the town centre at Christmas time and the stores were asked to bring some Christmas items downstairs for disabled people. He said that the movement had snowballed and that the council had worked with disabled groups to improve access including disabled parking and disabled toilets. He said: “It is all about asking. We have the ideas it just takes hard work and dedicated volunteers. There is still a lot of work left to do.”

Council leader Jan Williams said that the work of the volunteers was ‘tremendous’. She said: “They have worked so hard to get things done. Liz  supports everybody. I wouldn’t be sitting here smiling if it wasn’t for Liz. She  has pulled me out tonight because I have to look after my own husband as a carer.”

Liz Evans  said: “People find it difficult to fill in the forms and access the help they need. We get a lot of people coming to us for help. It is worrying that the DWP building will be closing down and people will now have to travel even further afield. Some people are only just getting to the tribunal stage after having their money stopped at Christmas time.”

Jeff Edmunds  said: “More needs to be done to support people with disabilities in Llanelli. I only found out this evening that there is only one taxi company offering wheelchair access. I myself have difficulty in walking so I know what it is like. Meeting people from this remarkable group here this evening is humbling. We will be doing what we can to support them in their efforts.”

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