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Mayor humbled by Llanelli’s homeless stories

Mayor humbled by Llanelli’s homeless stories

Humbled by the homeless: Llanelli Town Mayor Cllr Jeff Edmunds

LLANELLI Town Mayor Cllr Jeff Edmunds says he has been humbled by a visit to a soup kitchen, which opens its doors every Sunday evening at Y Lle in Llanelli. Cllr Edmunds made his visit accompanied by Deputy Mayor Cllr Louvain Roberts on Sunday (Oct 22).

Speaking about his experience Cllr Edmunds said: “Its the first time I have come along. It is an amazing thing they are doing here. I have nothing but praise for them. I can’t really call it a soup kitchen because it looks and feels more like a social gathering.

“They have shared their lives with me and I feel very humble having spoken to them. Every one I spoke to said that they would like it to be open more than one night a week.”

Asked if he thought there was enough being done for the homeless in Llanelli Cllr Edmunds said: “I think there needs to be a review with a task and finish set up. Questions need to be asked. Are we spending money in an efficient way? There is a lot of money being spent in this area but are they achieving the outcomes? Are they tackling the issues of homelessness and  substance misuse? Are they bringing about the outcomes we need? If we are not seeing that, why not? We need to be reviewing the whole situation surrounding homelessness and substance misuse in Llanelli.”

Deputy Mayor Louvain Roberts said: “They are all so  very welcoming, friendly and non judgemental. I have nothing but admiration for the volunteers here. I didn’t know about it until this week. Despite the obvious hardships people are happy and smiling. It really does bring you back to reality when you visit somewhere like this.”

Cllr Edmunds finished by saying: “There is a common theme here and that is that a lot of the people using the soup kitchen  have found God. They spoke of Jesus and God and Christianity is about giving. We have seen plenty of giving here tonight. It is my first time here but it wont be my last.”

Praised for their work: Volunteers at the soup kitchen




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