Thursday, February 9, 2023
Mass mortalities at Llanybri cockle beds

Mass mortalities at Llanybri cockle beds

FOLLOWING our article on 11/07 (Gatherers anger at decimation of cockle beds) regarding the mass mortalities of cockles in the Burry Inlet and at Laugharne we have been contacted by cockle gatherers from Llanybri who claim that the beds there are also full of dead cockles.

Local fisherman and cockle gatherer Phillip Maides said:

“The cockle beds at Llanybri were meant to be opening next Saturday. There are around 20 to 30 of us who were relying on the beds to open for work.

“The Welsh Government and fisheries department knew about the cockles dying out there two or three weeks ago and they didn’t open the beds. Now they are all dead.

“This has happened for the last three years. It’s disgusting the way they are ruining our industry and livelihood.”

Mass mortalities in the Burry Inlet: Now more at Llanybri

Speaking to Llanelli Online Nia Griffith MP Said: We need to investigate claims about tankers taking raw sewage and dumping it. if it is happening it is so negative. We are trying to reduce the risk of spills into the estuary. If the dumping is going on as has been alleged it is contradicting everything Welsh Water are trying to achieve.”

A spokesperson for Welsh Water said:

“We have not had any tankers containing treated or untreated sewage entering Laugharne to offload at the centre there.

“We routinely take sludge away in sealed tankers from Laugharne works to be treated at a different plant. Tankers are required to visit the site more frequently on weekends and during the summer months in order to facilitate the increase in visitor numbers to the area.”

What’s killing the cockles? Hayden Hughes wants answers

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