Saturday, April 1, 2023
Maritime madness as pirates raft in at Burry Port

Maritime madness as pirates raft in at Burry Port

What do Carmarthenshire folk get up to at the weekend? It is a question a visitor might ask. There are of course many answers but building a raft out of old wood and some old barrels, dressing up in fancy dress, then launching it into the sea in a race! Now that’s a plain bonkers answer.

That is exactly what eight teams of people did on Sunday (Jul 23) at Burry Port Harbour. Out of the eight teams consisting of Burns Pet food, Burry Port RFC ladies, Llanelli Star, Burry Port Co-op, Dawsons, Burry Port Football Club and Cader Triathlon, seven finished the race. Unfortunately the Co-op team’s raft sunk. The race was won by the RNLI (of course) with the Burns team second. Huge crowds turned out at the harbour to watch the maritime madness manifest. The event was organised by Isabel and Craig Goodman.

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