Mari Arthur declares her support for Leanne Wood as leader

Mari Arthur declares her support for Leanne Wood as leader

MARI Arthur has declared her support for Leanne Wood, the incumbent leader of Plaid Cymru. Leanne Wood faces a challenge from Adam price and Rhun Ap Iorwerth and it is set to be an interesting time in the party’s ever changing public image.

The  leadership election was  announced after Rhun ap Iorwerth, assembly member for Ynys Môn and Adam Price, AM for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr both declared their intention to challenge incumbent, Leanne Wood.  Speculation of a leadership election initially arose following the party’s disappointing showing in several elections, leading party figures to comment on Plaid being potentially stagnant.

Some pundits are already claiming that Rhun Ap Iorwerth is in with a shout based on where the majority of Plaid’s one member votes come from, i.e North Wales. Pure speculation and nothing to do with the visions of the other contenders may be but ultimately it will come down to the math. From July new members to the party were not allowed to vote in the leadership contest.

Adam price has been an MP and he is seen in many circles as the bright young thing who is not afraid of throwing down the gauntlet and challenging even the highest authority. The Carmarthenshire based AM certainly has the passion and he may just get a landslide share of the votes from his home county of Carmarthenshire.

There are some who claim that Leanne has done a lot to inspire younger voters especially females to join and vote for the party. She has more twitter followers than the First minister and social media has become a very powerful tool in politics as we know. Equally loved and loathed in some circles but a charismatic figure welcomed on the sets of numerous political TV programmes Leanne Wood can rely on a huge share of votes from her heartland in the Rhondda.

All very petty and trivial reasons for one’s choice of leader but it really  boils down to what each can offer the party moving forward and providing Plaid Cymru with stability and a definitive political path in readiness for the next elections. Each has to appeal to those political stalwarts within the party all of whom are keeping their cards close to their chests. Members from the Welsh heartlands of North, Mid and South Wales can expect visits from the magnificent three and no doubt the caravans are already being hitched up in readiness for the road trips.

Llanelli member Mari Arthur offers her view on her choice of leader here. She said:

“I’m supporting Leanne Wood as leader of Plaid Cymru because I believe in her abilities to lead us through troubled times ahead.

“Leaders need the support of a good team to do good things. A great leader motivates a team to help them do great things.
I truly believe that Plaid Cymru now needs to get behind our leader. And to enable our leader to build on her experience, skill and abilities to take us to a position of strength.

“Leanne Wood is an inspiration – a strong woman that appeals to Welsh & English speaking communities around Wales.

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“I am committed to her vision of a bottom-up community approach. I believe this is the only way to harness our true potential and to move from a largely deprived nation, to one that capitalises on our national and natural resources.

“We need to support and enable our communities to make the right decisions for themselves, and through building strong local economies we will have the foundation for a strong national economy; driven by the people of Wales for the people of Wales and not for the benefit of fat cats over the bridge or overseas.

“We need the courage and belief to become independent, in control of our own future, our own destiny.
Leanne Wood can’t do this on her own, she needs our support to make this happen.

“Now is the time for us to come together and be the best we can be. To deliver Plaid to government. To put Wales first. I believe we can do this with Leanne Wood leading us through.”

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