Saturday, January 28, 2023
Marchers remember 1911 Railway Strike

Marchers remember 1911 Railway Strike

A LARGE number of people took part in the annual march to remember the two men killed during the railway strike of 1911 in Llanelli.

The march, which starts at Llanelli station and ends at the graveside of the two men in Box Cemetery took place on Saturday (Aug 17).

A number of groups take part each year including the political parties of Plaid Cymru, Labour and union representatives.

Tim Evans Secretary of the 1911 Railway Committee said:

“Every year we commemorate the killing of the two railway men in Llanelli.

“We started it in 2011 and we have been doing it every year since. It unites people and we have a number of political parties who take part.

“The town rose up in an uprising against the troops and authorities and it is something that should be remembered. It is something that has been hidden from history and we should never forget it.”


Photos: Ryan Milsom

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