Thursday, June 8, 2023
Mandy Jones ‘frozen out’ of UKIP Group at National Assembly

Mandy Jones ‘frozen out’ of UKIP Group at National Assembly

UKIP Wales have announced today, Tuesday (Jan 9) That their newly elected AM for North Wales Mandy Jones will not be joining the UKIP Group at the National Assembly.

A press statement issued earlier today by UKIP Wales said:

“After discussions with Mandy Jones, AM for North Wales, we have collectively and unanimously decided that she will not be joining the UKIP Group in the National Assembly. Despite being asked by all five members of the Group not to do so, she has chosen to employ individuals in her office who are either members of, or have recently campaigned actively for, other parties, or both. They have been personally and publicly abusive to some of the UKIP AMs and sought deliberately to undermine UKIP Wales. Their behaviour and attitude makes it impossible to work with Mandy Jones on a basis of confidence and trust. The UKIP Wales Group are united in this decision.

“We shall continue speaking against the cosy Cardiff Bay political consensus through our dedicated team of five Assembly Members.”

Mandy Jones assumed office on December 27th and Neil Hamilton AM took to Twitter on December 29th to welcome her to her post.




We attempted to contact Mandy Jones but she was unavailable for comment.

Mandy Jones will now sit as an Independent at the National Assembly.

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