Saturday, November 26, 2022
Man saves drowning dog near Machynys coast

Man saves drowning dog near Machynys coast

A dog has been saved from drowning on the Llanelli coast after a passer-by moved rocks to rescue her on Sunday (Feb 17).

Burry Port RNLI were called out by the UK Coastguard to assist a dog that was trapped in the rock armour in the North Dock/Machynys area.

The dog, 14-year-old Julie, is a border collie and had been missing for over 48 hours.

A spokesperson for Burry Port RNLI said: “The rescuer managed to reach the dog and return to safety just as the lifeboat arrived on scene.

“A thorough search of the area was carried out in case there was an owner in difficulty in the vicinity.

“A happy ending and we hope that Jill makes a full recovery after her ordeal.”

“While this was taking place, another call came in for a person in the water in the Ferryside area, clinging on to a dinghy.

“Our Atlantic 75 lifeboat was launched and after a rough voyage along Cefn Sidan, we were informed that a passer-by had assisted, by rowing out, and recovered the casualty.”

Photo: Paul Stewart

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